zootechnical creations 4.0

zoowellness® by cam consulting

Cam Consulting Srl is a business consulting company based in the Bergamo area with over 40 years of consolidated commercial experience. We've decided to undertake a new challenge, strengthened by our previous successes: Zoowellness®. Zoowellness® offers the possibility of creating a zoocentric environment where the animal is raised in conditions of wellbeing, in line with the new social sensitivity, with the most recent scientific awareness and in compliance with European legislative guidelines.

With Zoowellness®, we offer not only a turnkey package, from design to testing, but we also create a real zoocentric environment. In this environment the needs of the animal are met and are the main focus of the farmer's business. A happier animal is a more productive animal. With the right systems, with the structures and equipment of animal husbandry 4.0, animal welfare can be promoted and controlled in farms, while achieving safe business objectives at the same time.


We work directly with specialised builders and fitters to create all the environments and structures designed.


State-of-the-art equipment, designed to provide coverage for all the livestock farm's needs.

animal welfare

We offer the right solutions for animal welfare.
A happier animal is a more productive animal

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